Eye of the Tiger

Rachel Dwyer

What Salman Khan’s stardom says about sexuality and ageing in India

Why is John a star but Nawaz an actor?

Decoding ‘stardom’ in Bollywood

Side Effects of Stardom

What fame does to Bollywood stars

Surviving the Struggle

Neeta Shah is one of many aspirants to cine stardom. In her book, she gives us an insight into the horrific and wonderful world of the film industry

The Revenge of Rajnikanth

Those who try to understand his extraordinary fame are wasting their time.

Abhinav Kashyap’s Uneasy Tryst With Fame

The man who doesn’t have a sofa in his home is still coming to terms with becoming a big-time director after Dabangg.

The Reluctant Hero

Something in him has changed. In place of the jovial boy is a dark brooding man. But Hrithik Roshan continues to see life as a beautiful journey.

When Show Biz was Show Liz

Elizabeth Taylor represented woman power—at complete ease with her sexuality.


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