Ramkumar Ramanathan: Singled Out

Aditya Iyer

Ramkumar Ramanathan’s win over Dominic Thiem in Antalya is a boost for Indian tennis

It pays to know your limits

For Salman, getting into character for a movie is to discard some part of him, and that won’t sell. His fans love him only when he does not experiment too much. And he gives only that much to them

A Soft Porn Star’s Life

Extracts from the autobiography of Shakeela, South India’s celebrity soft-porn star who wouldn’t go completely nude

Ballsy Bombay Boy

For John Abraham it’s credibility over career, fitness over glamour. Nikhil Taneja talks to the surprisingly straight-edge star

A Day with Imran Khan

And all that it reveals of the man behind the star

Finding Virat

Vain and cocky, yes. But dedicated too. That’s India’s newest cricket star

What the Camera Saw

I asked him for some time, one on one. And explained my contact sheet idea. He wasn’t open to it.


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