Sri Lanka

India This Week


Indian citizenship for Sri Lankan refugees; handshake and a boot in West Bengal; Bihar’s bank ban; Kashmir protest; and creating second-class doctors

A Diaspora’s Outcry

Prabhakaran may be dead and the 26-year-long civil war in Sri Lanka over, but in the minds and hearts of Tamil expats in the UK, the battle still rages on

Memories of a Movement

A generation of middle-class boys who grew up in Madras learnt something curious from the Sri Lankan refugees: that there is such a thing called ‘a cause’

Cheers for Fears

There are troubling signs in triumphalist Sri Lanka that the Tamil issue is not any closer to resolution

Tiger Terrain

Prabhakaran was terrified of peace. He lived off terror. But how did the LTTE fund its campaigns of sustained violence? This riveting account explains how

The Death of Innocence

Our staff photographer steals a look into the lives, loves, fears and meagre ambitions of Sri Lanka’s underage soldiers

“State Terror Needs to End”

Interview with US-based Donald Gnanakone, legal advisor, LTTE Overseas

No Quarter Given

This is how Mahinda Rajapaksa, president of the island nation, orchestrated the military and political operations that brought down the LTTE. Find out how he did what previous presidents could not

The Ticking Belly Bulge

Dayalan was ten when he joined the LTTE’s suicide attack squad. His story, and of other underage soldiers like him, serves us a grim reminder of the depths the human condition can descend to. Even in this day

War and Pieces

Cricket crazed they may well be, but Sri Lankans live in a country at war with itself. If President Rajapaksa sees reason, enduring peace and an economic boom await India’s island neighbour


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