Unlocking the Universe

Minhaz Merchant

A telescope still cannot answer the biggest questions

Office Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Room

“If you point to an office randomly, I can bet there is a meetinOffice Space: Kaushal Sanghavi, 33 Founder Breathing Roomg room that is rarely being used”

ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission

Once the Orbiter is in place, a message from Mission Control will take 20 minutes to reach it

The Space Idli Mission

K Radhakrishna, the man who cooks up the things Indian astronauts will eat in outer space, also has made-to-order space rasgullas, curries, fruits and vegetables on his menu

A Nine-dimensional World?

A computer simulation using a version of string theory shows that six of nine space dimensions remain confined to very small sizes

No Room of Mine

In a life crowded with inspirational women between the ages of 90 and 5, I haven’t met one who needed a room of her own to accomplish what she set out to do

Space Tourism

The ship is expected to go to an altitude of 110 km, above the Karman Line, the boundary between Earth and space.

Einstein Still Rules

A race that has taken 7 billion years rules out many theories predicting a graininess to space

The Mind of a City

Research shows that cities are organised like mammal brains, since both systems respond to the problem of efficient transport


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