More Broken than Mended

Rahul Pandita

What a song can do to us

Magic Mountains

Hindi films and the eternal romance of snow

When Chai Met Toast: Hope Floats

A Kochi-based indie band sings of rains and floods

April Is Not the Cruellest Month

Spring is also a season of love and romance amid the blooming flowers

To Gig or Not to Gig

The dilemma of choosing between the live and the recorded

Mumbai Mail

My train journey across Hindi cinema

Plastic Parvati: Freaky Fearless

Plastic Parvati tells why she sings of mental health and female sexuality

Dancing in the Dark

It’s the rhythm of life in Hindi cinema

The Pleasures of Melancholy

It is a reflective sorrow, the mood of a creative person. It leads to the desire to be alone

Thirst for Change

The Liberating Songs of Pyaasa


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