Shinzo Abe

What Killed Shinzo Abe?

Pallavi Aiyar

The former prime minister’s assassination shows Japan’s relationship with religion is ambiguous

My Friend, Abe San

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tribute to Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe: The Man Who Did Too Much

Japan’s longest-serving prime minister leaves office on a low, but he got higher than most

Narendra Modi: The Global Campaigner

The gains and challenges of Modi’s foreign policy

Of Bullet Trains and Bullock Carts

From Coca-Cola to colour TV to computers, technological advances in India have always been resisted as anti-poor

Abe and Mo: A Love Story

The benefits of a bullet-proof partnership

Soulmates of the East

The Modi-Abe bromance is built on a grand Asian project

The World of Modi

It is China, a First World power with a Third World mindset, that will test Modi’s still evolving art of internationalism

Tin Drum in Tokyo

Modi’s visit under lines why Japan and India need each other now more than ever


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