The Muslim Rage

PR Ramesh

There is little for secularists to cheer

Sabarimala: Among the Believers

Kerala’s most visited temple has become a war zone for reformists and traditionalists following the Supreme Court verdict allowing young entry to the shrine

A Crisis of Faith: The Wages of Selective Secularism

The issue at Sabarimala is not about equal gender rights

India Infinite

In search of the nation

Open Diary

Religion, law and a run-in with Aadhaar

The Death of Secularism

Is Turkey’s present India’s future?

Kashmir: An Uneasy Jewel in the Indian Crown

Kashmir and the fallacy of the secularism argument

Run of the Mill

India pays lip service to a 19th century European idea that is of little relevance today

Secular Nonsense on 1984

Some commentators have no qualms absolving the Congress on behalf of an entire community

Who Is Secular in This Country?

Those who make religious distinctions or those who do not?


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