A Manifesto for Secular Hindus

Minhaz Merchant

Five points to keep in mind in tackling communal polarisation

Faux Secularists

The hidden agenda of the Modi critics

It’s Time for a New Hindu-Muslim Deal

...because Indian secularism was doomed to fail

The Wages of the Culture War

The permanently aggrieved Hindu vs the secular denier

A Convenient Secularism

On the toning down of loudspeakers in mosques

The Flawed Nature of Indian Secularism

Now, The Kashmir Files has forced a reassessment

The Rise of Bharat

Redefining nationalism, liberalism and secularism

India’s Counterfeit Elite

Unformed and inept, it should be consigned to history

The Muslim Rage

There is little for secularists to cheer

Sabarimala: Among the Believers

Kerala’s most visited temple has become a war zone for reformists and traditionalists following the Supreme Court verdict allowing young entry to the shrine


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