Salman Khan

Fat Boy Slim

Rajeev Lochan

Fat Boy Slim • Succumbing to Sajid • The Horror of Common Names

The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven • Salman Knows Best • End of Good Times

‘Salman Has Disappointed Me’

Salim Khan on his superstar son not realising his true acting potential, his hyphenated relationship with Javed Akhtar, and his ‘mother love’

An Easy Escape

Is going to the movies the same as going to a nightclub?


An action movie in which Salman not only looks good, but also plays the good, clean guy

Bollywood’s Rockstar

He’s rash and unpredictable, and the jury is still out on his acting skills. So what makes Salman Khan such a force to reckon with?

The Salman Raj

The Salman Raj • Role Call for Ranbir’s Girls • Madame Rudraksh

Everyone Watched Jessica, except…

Everyone Watched Jessica, except... • The Unbeliever • The IT Raid Camaraderie

The Backstage Diaries

The Backstage Diaries • The Sky-high Snub • Longing for Lunch


Unlike a typical Salman Khan movie, this has got a plot, a well-behaved hero, and even a script.


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