Roger Federer

Forever Federer

Boria Majumdar

All grace and talent, he will remain the players’ champion

Us and Them

The torment of awaiting a Federer-Nadal final. And the euphoria of witnessing it

Roger Federer in Shanghai

Watching him from 10 metres away

Steel Beneath the Silk

Grit won it for Federer, beauty came along for the ride

Tale of Two Fans

Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open in a historic final. But Federer versus Nadal was still the match to watch. Two diehards present their account of the tense afternoon

Fighter Federer, Shanker Federer

The not so obvious things about Roger Federer

Moral of the Federer Story

The misfortune of those who do not follow the tennis of our times is that they are missing a unique form of literature, a one-man art, and a genius as rare as an asteroid strike

Papas Don’t Play

The impending fatherhood of Federer and the general fate of champions after they become fathers


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