Rishi Kapoor

Offspring in the Wings

It’s the Family, Stupid! • Stealing the Show, Literally

Bad Manners in Bollywood

Kareena Finds a New Devotee • A Titanic Clash On the Horizon

Tweeting His Heart out

Beyond Titles and Honours • Process over Pace

Rishi Kapoor Dismisses Nawazuddin

Rishi Kapoor Dismisses Nawazuddin • Back in Farhan’s Camp • The Son No One Wants

The Kapoors’ Tragi-comedy

The Kapoors’ Tragi-comedy • Ajab Love, Ghazab Story • Party Hard, Punch Harder

A Kapoor by Chance

Rishi is the least Kapoor-like of the Kapoors: shorn of the family mannerisms and preoccupation with their image. Now, on the eve of turning 60, he is getting the roles of a lifetime and relishing them too

Rishi’s Edgy New Role

Rishi’s Edgy New Role • Sonakshi’s Gain • No One Wants to Act Opposite Her

The Clash of the Khans

The Clash of the Khans | Rishi Still on Karan's Flaming Path | Media Eats out of Item Girl's Hand

Do Dooni Chaar

An insightful take on the noble profession of teaching, and its material inadequacies


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