Surface Tensions

Urvashi Bahuguna

Making sense of the parochial mind

Byculla Women’s Jail: Prison Riot

The outrage after an inmate is beaten to death in Byculla Women’s Jail  

Nostalgia Trip

A love story weighed down by an overdose of emotions

Assam 2012: The Story of a Riot

When the blood dried in the leafy remoteness of the Northeast, the truth remained as elusive as the perpetrators. An investigation of the ethnic eruption in Assam 2012

The Sadness of Letting Go

A story of moving on after Gujarat’s 2002 violence

Control Freaks

The National Integration Council’s strange unanimity on regulating social media to deal with riots

After the Rage

In the aftermath of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar, displaced Muslims fill relief camps; and politicians visit, seeking votes

In Remembrance of Horrors Past

The riots of 1992-93 were so brutal, it seemed Mumbai would never recover. Yet, despite no signs of justice, victims of the violence are beginning to move on

Shadowy Evidence

As the country now investigates Narendra Modi’s role in Gujarat’s ‘communal riots’ of 2002, a rumoured late-night meeting holds the key.

A Media That Looks Away

Narendra Modi deservedly rouses cries for justice, but who will report the truth about Kamal Nath?


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