An Act of Horror: The Crime that Shook Kerala

V Shoba

The darker side of the superstar-struck Malayalam film industry

Kissed and Damned in Kerala

What’s it like being a woman in a society where the moral police are on the prowl?

Sex and the Catholic Church: Sins of the Father

Another case of sexual assault rocks the Catholic Church in Kerala

State of Disgrace

What an attack on an actor says about Kerala

Attack on an Actor

The sexual assault on a South Indian star brings out the darker side of the Malayalam film industry

The Girl Without a Choice

She is an alleged rape victim, thirteen years old and seven-month pregnant. In an Uttar Pradesh village, Nandini Nair meets the girl and her family caught between shame, stigma and injustice

The Maratha-Dalit Divide

Angry Marathas voice their anger against Dalits

An Untimely Botch Up in Jisha case?

Post mortem of raped and murdered Dalit woman in Kerala puts a big question mark on time of death that the police had estimated

Baldev Singh: On the Trails of a Serial Killer

Over two years Baldev Singh murdered at least 16 people and then, after more than a decade, abruptly turned himself over to the police

An Open Letter to the Indian Man

I send this out as a comrade in equality, as a lover not a misandrist: Will the real Indian man please stand up?


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