Not In My Name

Mehr Tarar

Vigilantism is not a substitute for justice

She and the City

The alleged encounter killing of the four accused in the rape and murder of a veterinarian in Hyderabad may have made heroes of the police. But at the same time, officers in plainclothes are making the city safer for women

Beyond the Scapegoat

Why are crimes against women being avenged by vigilantism and blood thirst?

The Call of the Mob

When those in Parliament encourage citizens to lynch those accused of rape, it shows a complete breakdown of the system

The Crime That Can’t Be

Why former CJI Dipak Misra’s take on marital rape not being made an offence is erroneous

The First Victim

Understanding systemic violence against women in India

Nun The Less

In a historic show of solidarity, a group of nuns in Kerala has forced the church and the state to finally act against a bishop who had allegedly raped one of them. V Shoba in Kochi listens to the sisters who dared

Holy Shame

The transactional power of the church in the secular politics of Kerala makes the loneliness of the nun starker

Not A Matter of Faith

Why the Church must force the Bishop accused of rape to step down

Let’s Talk Rape

Rape is a jagged outcrop in the vast monotonous landscape of bad sex


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