Marked out in a Merciless Village

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

The culture of hate in an ignorant, intolerant India

The Nonentity

A day in the life of a Manipuri girl in Delhi

A Racist Comedy of Errors

If the slurs against Miss America were because Americans thought she was an Arab, why are Indians getting upset?

Gandhi Sans Gloss

A skillful biography that does not deserve any of the media brouhaha around its ‘sensational’ bits

Does Dalrymple know what racism really is?

The ‘racism’ charge is absurd, and designed merely to deflect attention from the real issue.

“The piece you ran is blatantly racist”

William Dalrymple takes exception to a piece we ran arguing that India’s life of letters was still beholden to the British.

‘Indian Writing in English has Become Boring’

Hanif Kureishi on writing, racism and radical Islam.

Is Racism in Our Genes?

Probably, because tendencies to stereotype may be a result of genes that encode social fear.

Racist Recruit

Rajinder Singh is a retired school teacher who migrated to the UK in 1967 and ironically started supporting a party that demanded the forcible repatriation of all non-Europeans. Now, he is about to go down in history as the first non-White mascot of the British National Party.

Masquerade Party

Here’s why Nick Griffin’s appearance on the BBC’s Question Time show sparked outrage in the UK


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