Rabindranath Tagore

Temptations of a Greater India

TCA Raghavan

The legacy of an ambitious project in history

Sculpture: The Primeval and the Modern

The philosophical and the political permeate an exhibition of sculptures

Eastern Rhapsodies

A compilation of unpublished poems from Rabindranath Tagore’s visits to China and Japan

Greater Yesterday

The open borders of Bengali literature come alive in this collection of short stories

Make It Silly Policy

On the pride Rajasthan’s education department takes in evicting TS Eliot from a textbook

The House of Stories

A literary journey that began from the jasmine-wreathed verandah of ancestry reaches the expansive and exhilarating world of the great Indian sensibility

The Elusive Tagore

Searching for the poet’s genius amid the mediocrity of his English translations

The Forgotten Plagiarism of Tagore

How he ‘inadvertently’ put another poet’s works in his collection and why the episode remained unknown

We Are Blind to Beauty

What the lack of interest in a spectacular show on Tagore tells us about India’s art brigade

Reading the Reader

On Tagore is as much about reading Rabindranath as it is about Amit Chaudhuri reading himself as a reader


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