Rabindranath Tagore

An Unequal Music

Carlo Pizzati

Between the solitude of the Indian raga and the social notes of Western classical

Nandalal Bose’s People

What did Gandhi and Tagore find in his work?

Losing Swaraj

The ideal as articulated by Gandhi and Tagore

Amartya Sen: A Prologue to Greatness

From his ancestral home in Dhaka to the Bengal famine to Tagore’s tutelage at Santiniketan. Amartya Sen in his memoirs relives his formative years with wit and wisdom

Seeking Truth with Tagore

Thoughts on the uses of his ideas on the eve of his 80th death anniversary

Hell Is Not the Other

Bengal’s traditions of inclusiveness are at stake

A Time for Ecosophy

The Corona Condition is a last gentle warning from the gods

The Book Lane

Navigating the literary signposts of India

The Big Picture

Coffee-table books that showcase the arts, crafts and cultural histories of India

Open Diary

The problem of language in higher education


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