The Imperfect Queen

Ira Mukhoty

Jindan Kaur’s volatile relationship with the world

Kangana Ranaut: Her Own Woman

She is the permanent outsider who can play the game better than others

The Queen’s Speech

Redeeming history from men who mythify other men

Queen of the World

The female power of the Mughal Empire

Behind the Curtain

The unsung heroines of the Mughal era

Reimagining Her Majesty’s Club

Don't rule out a Meghan touch to the Commonwealth

Victoria & Abdul Movie Review

The movie is watchable for its sheer spectacle and performance. But memorable it is not

The Queen & Karim

An Indian Muslim in Victoria's court tells a larger story

Open Diary

The Queen's reception, hazards of flying Air India, and the omnipresent desi diaspora

Imperial Greed

Britain was not a benign overlord


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