Evolution Of the Role

Madhavankutty Pillai

Marriage, pregnancy and the changing stature of the Bollywood heroine

Mommy Talk

Motherhood memoirs are in fashion, with celebrities dispensing advice on all things from the medical to the psychological

Kalki Koechlin: Dragon Queen

Kalki Koechlin’s mommy memoir is like her: candid, creative and full of truths that the merchants of bliss don’t reveal

Carry on Doctor

A personal history of medicine

The Girl Without a Choice

She is an alleged rape victim, thirteen years old and seven-month pregnant. In an Uttar Pradesh village, Nandini Nair meets the girl and her family caught between shame, stigma and injustice

Variable Womb Stay

The length of healthy human pregnancies can vary by as much as 37 days

Sweet Success

How a new form of drip therapy is helping a district in north Karnataka keep pregnancies safe

The Foreign Hand

As home births come into vogue, pregnant Indians get a helping hand from overseas women who know just how it is done

Life in a Sugar Sac

As diabetes during pregnancy imperils more and more babies in Indian wombs, doctors pledge an all-out effort to return life to normalcy


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