Farming Death in Telangana

Where women farmer suicides are the highest

What Numbers Don’t Tell

What makes a country rich and why did India fall behind?

Scorched Life

Haima Deshpande visits the suicide-hit districts of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra to find lives maimed by debt, disease and poverty

Why Indian Politics Is Anti-Wealth

The pornography of poverty is the aesthetic of the desperate populist. And there is no place more rewarding than India for him. Pornography sells, and when poverty is marketed as wretchedness over which we have no control, it sells more

Life, Liberty and Luxury for All

Can a luxury market boom do starving Indians a good turn? It may just be possible in a few years

A Fistful of Rice

This is what it takes to end starvation deaths in Andhra’s poverty-ridden Warangal district

Samaritan Students

Six teenagers in Murshidabad are giving all they can to teach children from extremely poor families. A voluntary mission that has a lesson for everyone.

Collateral Damage, You Say?

What the inexorable march towards the creation of a global village is leaving in its wake.

My Migrant Soul

A look at the benighted fate of migrant labour who fall so easily for the lure of a better paying foreign job.


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