The Gifts of Gieve

Somak Ghoshal

A portrait of Gieve Patel as an interpreter of the modern metropolis

Free Spirit

A portrait of a Mughal princess as an adventurer

The Menon Métier

What was it about VK Krishna Menon?

Stop, Memory

Jerusalem should unite but, for a hundred years, it has only divided

Pride Portraits

Three artists from the subcontinent create online works of intimacy

Down to Earth

Sculptors go hyperlocal in their portraits of India

She’s Here to Stay

A writer emerges bruised but not broken from an abusive marriage

Second Lives

Rohit Chawla’s celebrity portraits inspired by iconic paintings are accessorised by cultural history

Blood Portrait

A Pakistani artist drew his own blood, half a litre of it, to paint this portrait. But the wait for a visa is discolouring it

What the Camera Saw

I asked him for some time, one on one. And explained my contact sheet idea. He wasn’t open to it.


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