The Well-Connected Cops of Bengaluru

V Shoba

The Twitter handle of the city police is about to cross a million followers. Meet the team of constables behind the makeover

In Hot Pursuit

What it took for a small team of the Mumbai Crime Branch to finally track down the killer of Pallavi Purkayastha in Kashmir

Inside South Kashmir, a Year after Burhan Wani’s Death

The Valley’s mad waters (Photos: Ashish Sharma)

The Blind Men of the Home Ministry

CRPF soldiers fighting insurgents on the ground reveal a horror story of official ignorance and apathy

Daulatram Jogawat: Burden of Life

Omkar Khandekar meets the transformed policeman at his village in Madhya Pradesh

Milan Vaishnav: Power and Pelf

Milan Vaishnav anatomises Broken India Siddharth Singh in conversation with the author

Nambi Narayanan: Still Waiting for Justice

More than two decades after he was framed in a false case, the Kerala government is yet to pay damages to former scientist Nambi Narayanan. Now he wants the Centre to set up a panel to reexamine the case fabricated by the state police and IB

A Real Rainbow

Even straight leaders, the fire department and the police join the San Francisco Pride rally

False Glory

The farce of Police Gallantry Award nominations

Villain, Depending on Convenience

How Vasant Dhoble, the much-reviled Mumbai cop, holds a mirror to the self-centredness of the middle-class


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