A new turn in Amaravati

Amita Shah

Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest has put him back in the national spotlight

Mist Is for Mystery

The characters in Kohrra treasure their secrets more than their families

Die a Hero or Live a Villain

The changing depiction of cops on screen

Red-Light Dreams

A police procedural and sociological treatise set in Calcutta

Walking With the Enemy

How a team of Odisha Police’s Special Operation Group traversed hostile terrain to rescue an injured Maoist

The Slippery Encounter Slope

On allegedly killing Vikas Dubey and appointing a panel to investigate it

The Day of the Drone

India warms up to a new craze—and a business opportunity

‘Our Technology Helps the Police Take Proactive Steps to Check Crime’

Atul Rai, Anurag Saini, Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Chetan Rexwal, Founders, Staqu

The Drunken Rats of Bihar

Or: the other side of prohibition


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