AK Ramanujan: A Poet’s Testament

Nakul Krishna

A new volume of AK Ramanujan’s unpublished notebooks reveals the struggles and sagacity behind greatness

Ranjit Hoskote: Between the Sea and the Shore

The many avatars of Ranjit Hoskote blaze forth in his new poetry collection. Suhit Kelkar meets the poet and curator

The Eternal Poet

A new biography of Sahir Ludhianvi brings to life the poet who changed the idiom of Hindi cinema lyrics

The Elusive Tagore

Searching for the poet’s genius amid the mediocrity of his English translations

The Beginning of CopyLeft

A Malayalee poet hopes to set off a trend by making one of his major collections copyright free

His Many Suns

Finally, non-Punjabi readers can feel the anguish in the poems of Lal Singh Dil, a Naxalite poet from Punjab

Reading the Reader

On Tagore is as much about reading Rabindranath as it is about Amit Chaudhuri reading himself as a reader

Don’t Say Goodbye Yet

Not after you made us wait 35 years. Not after this thrilling new collection of poems, subtle and intricate and so mature. Not just yet, Adil Jussawalla


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