Of Mahua Moitra and Plagiarism

Makarand R Paranjape

Truth in the time of narrative wars

The Forgotten Plagiarism of Tagore

How he ‘inadvertently’ put another poet’s works in his collection and why the episode remained unknown

To Rome With Love

Even Woody Allen can be a mediocre director, and here’s proof

Daily Mail plagiarises Open magazine

UK’s Daily Mail carries a story plagiarising portions of Open’s feature ‘Mizoram’s Wild Flower’

Look Who’s Talking

Since when did we in India care about journalistic ethics?

Plagiarism Rows

The word originates from the Latin word plagiaries, which means kidnapper

Bollywood on Trial

Can mainstream Hindi cinema defend itself against the charge that it is creatively bankrupt?

Child’s Play

Human infants over-imitate even irrelevant steps in doing a task. It distinguishes us from apes.

Bollywood’s Script Thieves

The Hindi film industry is notorious for lifting stories. Is there a solution?


It’s ironical enough to have Bollywood make a film on plagiarism. This film also betrays its lack of conscience about it.


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