Lullaby of a New Father in Parliament

Madhavankutty Pillai

My son, apple of my scheming eyes, I have so many dreams for you...

Tender Loving Counsel

A young team of four law students across three continents is helping shape important legislation as they make their way through Indian Parliament.

Non Argumentative Indians

If you expect youngsters in Parliament to rejuvenate Indian democracy, prepare for disappointment. Their record so far offers no inspiration.

The Worst Session Ever

Indian Parliament, once the pride of the country’s founding fathers, has been reduced to a sorry spectacle. And how

India This Week

There’s No Way to Please Them All; Even Hobsbawm Can’t Bail Karat; Separatists Must Unite; No Country for Old Memories; MPs’ First Call of Duty: Show Up

The Other Headlines and Battles

…that women in India will have to fight outside Parliament and the armed forces.

India This Week

Pressure on Ulfa Bears Results; Looking for Friends; Telangana Still Strong; Nuclear Plant Security; and Parliament Accountability


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