Train of Thought

Jayanta Ghosal

Piyush Goyal has been working overtime to ensure that new coaches across the spectrum come with the hands-free advantage

Parliamentary Virus

I was plain lucky to have escaped it. Or, am I speaking too soon?

Prime Beard

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will turn 70 on September 17

Enter the Unregistered Opposition

As the Congress vacates the space of an active opposition with a counter-argument, civil society activists and other professional dissenters rush in to fill the vacuum

Gandhis Win, Congress Loses

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi can have the satisfaction of a Pyrrhic victory. The party has formally reaffirmed their leadership, but it is seen as completely out of sync with the times

Politics without Arun Jaitley

I miss a dear friend who was also a teacher

Betting on Extension

The betting market feels the lockdown will go on till May

House Panic

Coronavirus panic in Parliament

Healthy Menu

Several Members of Parliament have reportedly taken to diet foods


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