An Epic Regained

Nandini Nair

Mewar Ramayana, the finest surviving illustrated manuscript

The Art of Capitalism

The power of patronage

Ashok Ahuja: The Digital Traveller

Ashok Ahuja has not stopped discovering himself

Beauty and Being

Ten artists in conversation with the world

Senaka Senanayake: Life Is Beautiful

Often criticised as being purely aesthetic, Senaka Senanayake’s positive paintings are by no means emotionally inert

Avinash Chandra: The Disappearing Artist

Avinash Chandra’s work is riveting, often for its shocking amorality

The Mark of A Modernist

Although Nasreen Mohamedi lost most of her motor functions, she did manage to retain control over her right hand. Her last work remains ethereal, meticulous but also filled with palpable gravitas

Master of the Moment

Satish Gujral’s work casts a spell on viewers with its transformative power. While he infuses humanity and warmth into the images of his subjects, his self-portraits are more brutal, depicting a range of emotions by deft modulation of tones and textures

Jamini Roy: Eye of the Storm

An exhibition of rare works by Jamini Roy brings out his aesthetic development and mastery of the folk idiom

Undoing the Ordinary

The carefully postured bodies in the paintings of Francisco Goya, or the ones reduced to an abstraction in the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, transform into bizarre entities in a fascinating exhibition that examines notions of health and healing in India


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