old age

The Pleasure and Pain of Old Age

Bhaichand Patel

It has given me time to write even as my body began to crumble

The Rise of the Insta Grannies

Meet the new social media stars of the pandemic age

Life After Power

Some find it hard to adjust, some reinvent themselves

Life Beyond 65

Prohibiting people above that age from engaging in outdoor activities and compelling them to stay at home owing to the lockdown is cruel

‘Old age sucks,’ says Arnold Schwarzenegger

Noel de Souza in conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Movie Review: Going in Style

These actors, who have given us so much over so many years, are nicely set up in a well edited plot

The Ageing Conundrum

Some people can age three years in a single year

The plus side of obesity

If you are overweight as a middle-ager, you are less likely to get old-age dementia

Confessions of a Gerontophile

When you meet people in the silver of their lives, who seem to have caught life by the neck and kissed its tremendous crow’s feet, you want to stand and applaud

‘It’s possible to have a life worth living even when your body is not what it used to be’

We spoke to Dr Atul Gawande about his much awaited new book on managing mortality


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