Sudhir Kakar (1938-2024): The Mind Reader

Ullekh NP

The polymath demystified the Indian psyche like nobody else did

Literary Baroque

Reading Martin Amis (1949-2023) between the novelist and the critic

Smriti Irani: The Spellbinder

She was television’s favourite daughter-in-law. She carved out her space at the top of Indian politics. And now she turns writer with a thriller set in the Maoist heartland. How Smriti Irani juggles the many hats of her life

Novelist’s Diary

Since I’ve never learned to drive, I travelled across America by bus. Now I’m going across New Zealand the same way

The Anonymity of Greatness

The Urdu novelist who has slipped out of the pantheon

Sublime Sex

Women between desire and despair

AM Homes: Where Weird is Wonderful

AM Homes, a master of suburban Gothic noir, explores the existential question of how to live and how to be


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