The Day of the Goat

Vivek Menon

Can it become a confidence-building measure between India and Pakistan?

The Rock Bottom of Origins

The ancestral story as written in a stone found in Odisha

Eats Shoots but Not Leaves

The Giant Panda’s thumb and other wonders of evolution

Bringing up Baby

The unique parental role of the male hornbill

Footloose in Hokkaido

Among the dancing cranes

In a Sacred Grove

In praise of eco-friendly Hinduism

Behemoths at the Gate

Our big intelligent social nomads and their right to safe passage

Nature’s Myths

Foreign natives and native exiles in verse

Size Is a Deception

Learning from the social life of Leafcutter Ants

My Encounter with a Blue Whale

It turns to present its flank towards the boat and a fine spray mists the horizon


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