The Wall Writes Back

Sudeep Paul

Homelands: A Personal History of Europe | A Kidnapped West | Beyond the Wall: East Germany | The Soviet Century: Archaeology of a Lost World | The Ruble: A Political History

Rebels versus Soldiers

Increasingly, guerrilla groups and government troops exhibit similar military behaviour

Future Present

Lavanya Lakshminarayan’s debut work of fiction tells of a time when nations have fallen and corporations are running the world

Ideas of the Nation

India is in the grip of the very majoritarianism that Ambedkar had warned against

Akil Kumarasamy: ‘Borders are a colonial dream’

Akil Kumarasamy’s debut work is powered by the history of fractured nations

Beauty of the Moment

The violence of the subcontinent echoes in Nadeem Aslam’s new novel

The Return of the Nation and Other Portents

Updating the political glossary after Brexit and other eruptions

Of Nations and Illusions

A useful guide to the one-eyed and the blind of the economic world

Ruchir Sharma: The Globalist

Helping understand the forces governing the economics and politics of countries

Geography Lesson under an Aerostat

The Commonwealth Games are a time for new acquaintances—like, countries you didn’t know.


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