Narendra Modi

What about Mr Modi?

Hartosh Singh Bal

In a season of corporate crime, it is time to junk ‘growth’ as an excuse for mass murder

Why Money Loves Modi

...and why he still can’t make it work for him in national politics

Modi’s Troubles at Home

If the Gujarat CM has watched the arrest of his deputy home minister with a sense of personal injury and alarm, it’s not without reason.

No Modi, Agrees BJP

As the BJP surrenders to Nitish Kumar’s demand that Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi be kept away from Bihar’s electoral arena, the implications.

Ghost at the Banquet

Nitish Kumar’s outburst against an ad put out by his alliance partner in Bihar raises some questions. Is he play acting? Or is he about to sever ties with the BJP?

Man in the Mask

Narendra Modi is a man of few words, but he chooses them well to fabricate his vision of a Hindu society and ignore uncomfortable realities

Shadowy Evidence

As the country now investigates Narendra Modi’s role in Gujarat’s ‘communal riots’ of 2002, a rumoured late-night meeting holds the key.

A Media That Looks Away

Narendra Modi deservedly rouses cries for justice, but who will report the truth about Kamal Nath?

The Muslim Marxist

Modi’s communist admirer is contesting a bypoll on a Congress ticket. If anyone understands AP Abdulla Kutty, do write in.

Encounters of the Modi Kind

The Gujarat police faces allegations of killing 20 people in 11 fake encounters


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