Mukesh Ambani

The Masters of the Universe

Madhavankutty Pillai

Using scale and a digital ecosystem, Mukesh Ambani joins a club of corporate icons who are defining the future

Mukesh Ambani: The Power of Intuition

The world’s sixth-richest man takes RIL, India’s most valued company that straddles the traditional and the digital with equal competitiveness, to the global centrestage. Inside one of the most expansive corporate transformation stories

Gandhi is Only for Foreigners

Why the Father of the Nation is just a figure in history books

The Idea of Mukesh Ambani

And how he defines India’s Gilded Age

Editor’s Cut

From Mukesh Ambani’s first interview to Manmohan Singh’s transformation, TN Ninan has had a ringside view of the India story. Now he has captured it between the covers

Theatrical Launch of a Hospital

Airborne Disturbances • The Open Diary of a Resentful Mother

Kejriwal and the Ghosts of the Radia Tapes

Listen to the tape Arvind Kejriwal played at a press conference, where he alleged the government was not run by the Congress or BJP, but Mukesh Ambani

A House Called Antilla

How the richest Indian has kept his city palace completely opaque to the prying eyes of media


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