Tree of Life

Chintan Girish Modi

Interlinked stories about the friction between modernity and tradition

How Indians View Gender Roles

A new survey reveals a society divided between tradition and modernity

The Sangh and Modernity

RSS is an idea that is still evolving

The Outsiders

The Gothic film and rural India’s struggle with modernity

Istanbul: Lost in Shifting Shadows

A city caught between the heretical seductions of modernity and the atavistic lures of medievalism

Vivekananda: The Double Helix

No one else combined the inter-faith and the science-religion dialogues as Vivekananda did

Manu Parekh: The Permanent Performer

The abstract romanticism of Manu Parekh

Decolonising the Curator

Look who’s controlling the modernity narrative and more

Masala Mix

Nasir Husain and the sociology of entertainment


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