Being Modern

Rosalyn D’Mello

A new show is a corrective gesture that brings together works by many founding members of Group 1890

The Age of Genius

The tumult of the 17th century led to a breakdown of systems but also to greater freedom and even greater innovation

In Search of Modern Art

From Raza to Husain to the leader of the Bombay Progressives, FN Souza, nobody really knew what modern art or modernity was. It was Paris and its influences that gave their amorphous ideas a sense of form and identity

The Shadow of Shame

Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay led with his pen, giving us a revulsion we sorely needed.

In Pursuit of the Hip in Patna

There is a Patna that is emerging with all the splendour and comedy of urban modernity.

Tank Tops in the Islamic World

Istanbul and the deceit of female modernity

The Burkha Rapper

“I work within the rules, but I find the little loopholes that allow me to do my own thing.” —Sofie Ashraf, 21


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