MJ Akbar

Best Books of 2017: My Choice

Vijay Soni

MJ Akbar | Pratap Bhanu Mehta | William Dalrymple | Amit Chaudhuri | Aatish Taseer | Tishani Doshi | KR Meera | Vivek Shanbhag | TCA Raghavan

Books: Best of 2016

From the architecture of the gene to the oral histories of men and women in the former USSR, this year’s best books reveal what it is to be human

Cabinet Reshuffle: No Distraction Please

Narendra Modi sets his priorities straight with a Cabinet reshuffle that rewards performance and punishes the deviants

Discord in the House of Nehru

The fall of an institution where political patronage and academic research go hand in hand

2014 BOOKS REVIEW: OPEN reviewers on their favourites

Faiza Sultan Khan, Tunku Varadarajan, Burhan Wazir, MJ Akbar, Mini Kapoor, Jug Suraiya

Philosopher In Modi’s Durbar

The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate acquires a great communicator

Tenderbox Not Tinderbox

For all its contemporary woes and tortured history recounted in MJ Akbar’s new book, Pakistan is not about to fall apart

“Pakistan’s Problems Are in Pakistan’s DNA”

Journalist and author MJ Akbar on why the two-nation theory is a spectacularly stupid idea that needs the enmity of ‘the other’ to exist


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