Home Away

Sharanya Manivannan

Displacement as a state of mind

Mind Matters

It is what we lean to the most every moment of our life

Spiritual Vs Physical

And the natural balance of mind and body

Eat Your Way to Heaven

The link between feasting and thinking right

Mumbai Notebook

The power of mentalist

In the Garden of Earthly Delights

In pursuit of the perfect body and mind, we forget to feed the soul

What’s the Matter with Mind?

A meditation on the nine-gated city and noble thoughts

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Feaster

To contemplate the art of being idle, of pottering around, drinking a tall glass of ice cold buttermilk or lemon soda, and nibbling on a cold grapefruit and hot peanut salad, seems an apt subject for the long hot summer

The Zen of Weightlifting

Why it is more about the mind than body

“We can’t disable our hidden brain”

Author Shankar Vedantam on the mental prejudice-graph which kicks in as early as age three, how it influences stock markets and why it turns some into suicide bombers.


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