The Sociology of Taste

Shylashri Shankar

Why some people can’t drink milk with sugar

Oh, the Cursed Fruit

Our correspondent’s experiment with the Gandhian menu

Just a Novel Idea

Is camel milk a health food?

The Bone Supremacy

Our body needs calcium. But how much?

The White Goodness

Ignore the scary stories about milk. Just drink it

Cold Storage: Akash Agarwal, 25, Founder, New Leaf Dynamic

“I was sure that our product shouldn’t be dependent on electricity or generators”

Food inspectors: More teeth please

Food inspectors say they’re up to the challenge of keeping people safe, even taking on powerful business interests—if only they were better equipped for it

Milky Way

The ability to digest milk as an adult seems to have evolved just about 7,500 years ago in central Europe


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