Radicalisation of the Kashmiri Mind

India is the enemy a generation is raging against in the Valley

Chauthi Koot: Movie Review

‘Chauthi Koot’ is a prescient and contemporary film


Is Kashmir Losing India?

Today, alienation is a necessary identity for the stone-throwing, Book-bound revolutionary. Home is not India any longer; it is an idea delivered by an angry god

Shields Against Terror

Village Defence Committees have played an important role in containing militancy in the Jammu region

The Capitol Hill Trail

For two decades, Ghulam Nabi Fai funded Kashmir militancy right under Washington DC’s nose. The game is up

Kashmir’s Ghost Terrorist

One man’s life in the Valley suggests how terror attacks have become a commercial proposition for local trouble makers looking for a quick buck.

The Khaki Fidayeen

Five brave policemen who have broken the back of militancy in Kashmir.

Gunless but Hungry

Unable to earn their livelihood, a number of former militants in Kashmir are contemplating rejoining the ‘Jihad’.


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