Myopic Versions

Siddharth Singh

The problem with conspiracy theories around the plot to secede Punjab

Guns and Poppy

The inside story of how the drug trade is funding terrorism in Kashmir

Now Showing in Srinagar

Big screen movies to return to Kashmir Valley

The Valley of Abandoned Gods

The Junior Union Home Minister Kishan Reddy said the Government would restore and reopen thousands of vandalised temples in Jammu and Kashmir. Will there be a revival of the Hindu heritage in the Valley soon?

‘We will see redoubled efforts at infiltration, recruitment and weaponisation of militants’

Former Government interlocutor on J&K Radha Kumar weighs in on the repeal of Article 370

Return to Kashmir

With Amit Shah at Home, a policy shift is inevitable

War for Peace

Memoir of a Kurdish sniper who helped stop the ISIS in Syria

Back to Kashmir

The post-Balakot story has many variations

Seven Minutes That Changed India

Inside the Balakot Operation and how it will further strengthen Prime Minister Modi


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