menstrual taboos

Truths and Taboos

Fehmida Zakeer

An anthology on the differences and commonalities of menstruation in South Asia

A Tale of Two Temples

Sabarimala and Ayodhya: from the fluidity of Hinduism to the certainties of social engineering

Lekshmy Rajeev: ‘Local religious rituals were crushed by Brahmins in Sabarimala’

Lekshmy Rajeev, the author of Attukal Amma: The Goddess of Millions, in conversation with Executive Editor Ullekh NP

Sabarimala: A Trek Too Far

How women who tried to go to Sabarimala after the Supreme Court judgment were forced to return by devotees who used children as shields

To Protect A God

The pointless agony of Sabarimala devotees hanging on to their past

Sabarimala: God and Citizen

Was Sabarimala the business of the Supreme Court?

She Power

Drawing the intimate and the taboo with wit and wisdom

Importance of Being Impatient

#ReadytoWait is quite simply in opposition to #RightobeaWoman

Sabarimala: Can Gods Be Easily Tempted?

Why everyone, including women, should avoid Sabarimala

Menstruation Rebels: Let There Be Blood

Humour, hashtags and hygiene are the new tools in the fight against menstrual taboos


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