On the Death of a Friend

MJ Akbar

Funerals are a catharsis rite for the living

In a Beautiful Labyrinth

History and memory merge seamlessly in an imaginatively curated sculpture park in the Nahargarh Fort of Jaipur

The Taste in Memory

Modern day tasting menus make us long for festival food

Sleep Sharpens Memory

Dozing does not just protect what we store for recall later, it also eases our retrieval of it

Dozing to Remember

Memory neurons put us to sleep so we can convert short term memories into long term ones

How the brain makes us forget

New neurons don’t just help us form new memories, but also lose some

Retention of the Relevant

Why we switch off our sensory systems now and then

The Home That Never Left Us

And the strange thing about memory

Unreliable Recall

By planting a false memory in rats, scientists show humans can have faulty memories too


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