To Break an Absurd Record

Smriti Daniel

Two friends take a leap of faith in this fictionalised memoir

An Affair to Remember

An encounter with Ma Anand Sheela, Osho’s former personal secretary and author of a controversial bare-all memoir

Maa Maati Manush, and Motor Cars

Mamata Banerjee’s career has been bound to the automobile in strange ways. No wonder, then, the reader of her memoirs soon starts to play a game of car-spotting in the narrative

Confessions of an Editor

Humour and honesty, Vinod Mehta knows, are a journalist’s biggest weapons. That’s why his memoirs work

The Tiger Mom Debate

A Yale professor’s tough-love parenting memoir has stirred up America, what with Ivy Leaguers backing the Chinese approach. A report from Yale

Reader’s Digest

Mita Kapur’s book is another addition to the feast of books that present food as memoir, politics and history


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