Why I Don’t Look Back in Anger

Boria Majumdar

Author and sports journalist Boria Majumdar in his memoir relives how he survived a ban on him and the social media trial that followed. Here is his side of the story

‘Theatre Is Questions. Theatre Is Debate’

In his memoir actor and director MK Raina recounts using theatre to heal

Aligarh Almanac

A coming-of-age memoir about grief and hope

The Writing Life

The essence of Hilary Mantel

Editor’s Choice

The author met Rukun Advani at a wedding. And that changed his career as an author. An excerpt from his memoir

Madhav Gadgil: The Man On the Hill

Madhav Gadgil relives his fascination with the natural world in his memoir. The veteran ecologist talks to

Finding Home

The memoir of a Dalit writer on alienation, deprivation and reconciliation

Green Dreams

The memoir of a Muslim girl in Kerala seeking her identity

Not Guilty

A memoir by a fugitive who has committed no crime

The Eternity of Return

India excites not because of its national history, but because of the kind of text it is


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