In Defence of Offence

Madhavankutty Pillai

To protect freedom of speech, protect the right to be genuinely offensive

Open Diary

Media is becoming marginal to national existence


The ‘Khan Market gang’ now set to replace the overused Lutyens’ Delhi syndrome

News That Stays News

A harrowing and fully realised response to toxic events arising from urban decay

Open Diary

The bhadralok sentiment

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

To use the Official Secrets Act against The Hindu is a long-lasting boomerang

Open Diary

The impact of the MeToo campaign


The inimitable Vajpayee

Karunanidhi: The Last Scriptwriter

The evolution of Dravidian politics can’t be told without the epic tale of Karunanidhi

Truth to Power

A newspaper that exposed the corruption of the Raj


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