The Sociology of Taste

Shylashri Shankar

Why some people can’t drink milk with sugar

Punishing Your Own Voter

The meat ban in South Delhi is an interference in the Hindu way of life

The Mathura Paradox

Why meat bans find support in a non-vegetarian country

Meaty but Meatless

An experiment in taste has already become an opportunity in the food market

Politics of Meat

Updating Ambedkar’s understanding of how untouchability came to be and what it has become today

A Conspiracy of Veggies

Air India, bring back meat or stop serving food on your flights altogether

Vedic Food for Thought

Eating red meat and reading the Bhagavat Gita

My Experiments with the Emu

This bird from Down Under has started making a special appearance on Indian restaurant menus

The Future of Meat

Coming soon: genetically engineered meat in a supermarket near you

On the Wild Meat Trail

Two documentary filmmakers go into the interiors of the Northeast for five years to understand an eerie silence of the forests. They find hope in local tribals defying tradition to go green


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