The Sword of Shivaji

Manu S Pillai

Bringing the legend of the warrior king to a new generation

The Chhatrapati’s Chutzpah

Aurangzeb’s persecution of Hindus provided the ethical and cultural premise for Shivaji’s rebellion

The Birth of Modern India

Nationalist tropes and imperial assumptions miss the Raj’s real economic impact

The Historical Tangle

Agitation against the movie Panipat by Jats is the same old story

The Queen’s Speech

Redeeming history from men who mythify other men

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh: Three Lives in History

Jadunath Sarkar, GS Sardesai and Raghubir Sinh offer lessons in dissent in our own time of churn

The Angry Maratha

How the silent march for reservations has become a violent protest

Warrior for Swaraj

Inspired fiction on the mind of Shivaji

Anatomy of a Pastiche

What we see in the name of Dalit politics and Ambedkarite discourse is an echo of old-style leftist talk coupled with Naxal grandstanding of yore


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