Mahatma Gandhi

Independence of the Mind

Srinath Raghavan

When We Are Looters at the Site of History

Pakistan Without Tears

Lahore in Islamic glow and the repudiation of the past

The Sacred Thread

India is yet to reap the benefits of its civilisational as well as colonial crises

For Whom the Drums Beat

Dalit ethics and aesthetics have the power to disrupt the grammar of caste

Is It BJP’s Mahatma Moment?

The party is growing as rapidly as the Congress did when Gandhi was at the helm

Ramachandra Guha: Free Thinker

He is a philosopher of free thought and an indispensable interpreter of modern India

The Learning Curve

Can BHU be redeemed as the university turns 100?

A Political History of Hygiene

Imagining Clean India from Gandhi’s ashram

A Loss of Character

The wild onrush of individualism and the vanishing sense of national purpose. Can India avert a moral decline?

Among the Believers

A temple for Narendra Modi and other shrines for politicians. A pilgrimage


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