Virtual Worship

Jayanta Ghosal

Narendra Modi has advised sadhus and priests to refrain from gathering during festivals and, instead, find solace in online worship

What about the States?

In the second wave, the government does not have the option of limiting mobility

Lockdown Ethics

The unfairness of consumers being denied non-essential goods from ecommerce companies in Maharashtra

Coping with the Worst Wave

The government behaves exactly as people do—it acts by convenience

The Corona Screen Test

The industry needs to use this period to introspect, to see what the post-Covid-lockdown audience wants to watch

Between Herd Immunity and Herd Mentality

Be bold and risky, or be cautious and safe—the dilemma of dealing with Covid often led to unexpected consequences

Is Reason Infected?

Science and civil society in the year of the plague

Editor’s Note

Second wave or not, we have come a long way from the great post-Wuhan incomprehension. Science has regained hope for us

The Eternity of Return

The pleasures of rereading books

Jatin Das: The Lone Ranger

Jatin Das speaks to Shaikh Ayaz about his lockdown works


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